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Make your meetings more productive and seamlessly integrated with your favorite tools using Noota! Let's dive into how you can streamline your workflow and enhance collaboration with just a few clicks. 

Getting Started Is Easy 

  1. Choose Your Integration: Decide whether you want manual control with NootEx or automated ease with NooBot.

  2. Customize Your Settings: Tailor your integration preferences in your account settings for a personalized workflow.

  3. Enjoy Seamless Collaboration: Watch as Noota transforms your meeting productivity, keeping your team aligned and informed.

NootEx: Chrome Extension for On-Demand Integration 

After recording a meeting or uploading a file, manually select an integration to effortlessly share summaries and links:

  • Slack: Directly send summaries and links to a specific channel. 

  • Notion: Populate specific pages with summaries and links for organized knowledge management. 

  • HubSpot: Enhance your CRM by sending summaries, creating deals, and linking contacts with specific deals via email. 

  • Pipedrive & Salesforce: Streamline your sales process by sending summaries and links to specific deals, identifying opportunities through email. 

  • Email: Share summaries and links directly with meeting participants or other stakeholders. 

  • Google Tasks: Create follow-up tasks in your calendar right after your meeting, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks. 

  • Zapier: Automate workflows by sending summaries and links to any app integrated with Zapier. 

NooBot: Your Bot Assistant for Automated Sharing 

Set up automation in your account settings for NooBot to take over after every meeting recording or file upload:

  • Slack, Notion, HubSpot, Pipedrive, Email, Salesforce: Enjoy all the manual integration benefits automatically. NooBot sends summaries and links to designated channels, pages, or deals based on your preferences. 

  • Aircall: Noota automatically receives recordings with sales summaries by default, keeping your sales team informed and ready to act. 

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