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How to Change the Speakers Name?
How to Change the Speakers Name?
Updated over a week ago

Adding Speaker Information to Your Transcription

  1. Navigate to Meeting Information:

    • On your transcription page, click on "Meeting Information". This will open a new section where you can add details about the meeting.

  2. Add Information:

    • Click on the "Add Information" button. This option allows you to input additional details to enrich your transcription.

  3. Enter Speakers Name:

    • Next, click on "Participants". A space will pop up where you can type in the names of all the speakers present. Make sure to include everyone who spoke during the meeting.

  4. Assign Speaker Names:

    • To assign the correct names to the transcription, double-click on "Speakers".

      • This will bring up a list of names. Select the appropriate name from the list and apply it to all relevant sections of the transcription. If a speaker's name is not listed, you can manually add it.

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