In Person Recording/Meeting
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Record a meeting on your computer or mobile device with Noota. Once the recording is complete, you have the option to edit the conversation and share it with others.

⚠️ We recommend using Google Chrome for recording with Noota to ensure optimal performance.

How to Record an In Person Meeting

  1. On your Noota dashboard, locate and click on Record on the right side of the screen.

  2. Adjust your preferences, such as Language, Number of Speakers, Project, and whether to include a Summary.

  3. Click on the Microphone icon to begin the recording.


When organizing in-person meetings with Noota, you have the flexibility to include details to ensure every aspect of your meeting is well-documented and easily accessible.

Here’s how you can add your meeting entries:

  1. Set the Date and Time:

    Specify when the meeting will take place to keep all participants informed and prepared.

  2. Add a Location:

    Enter the physical address or a description of the meeting location to ensure everyone knows exactly where to gather.

  3. Include Contact Information:

    You can add relevant contact details such as phone numbers and email addresses. This ensures participants have all necessary contact information at their fingertips.

  4. Provide a URL:

    If there is a specific webpage related to the meeting or required for preparatory purposes, you can include a direct link.

  5. Enter a Personal Note:

    Capture key details or objectives for the meeting in a note to guide the discussion and keep it focused on the agenda.

  6. List Participants:

    Document who will be attending to keep track of involvement and send out reminders or follow-ups as needed.

  7. Add a Meeting Number:

    If your meeting is part of a series or needs to be referenced easily, assigning a number can simplify organization and future referencing.

Add Reactions and Comments:

This feature allows you to add comments or express your reactions using emojis directly on particular parts of the recording.

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