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How to Download a Transcript?
How to Download a Transcript?
Updated over a week ago

You can export transcripts, including those shared with you, as a text file from your Noota account. By exporting your transcripts, you can utilize them in other services, such as for creating closed captions or sharing via email.

Download Transcript

  1. Navigate to and select the Recording you intend to download the Transcript.

  2. Click on the Download icon located on the right side of the interface.

Select the desired file format for your text export:

  • CLIPBOARD: Copies the text directly to your computer's clipboard.

  • TXT: Exports as a standard text document containing unformatted text.

  • DOCX: Generates a Microsoft Word document.

  • PDF: Produces a document in Portable Document Format (PDF).

After selecting the file format, choose any additional export options. Below the options, you'll see a preview of how the exported text will appear:

  • Show Timestamps: Include timestamps in the transcript.

  • Show Speakers: Display speaker names with their dialogue.

Adjust these settings as needed to customize your transcript export in Noota.

3. Click on Download when you are finished.

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