Global Search
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To use Global Search, simply access the search bar located prominently within your Noota dashboard. Enter your query, and Noota will handle the rest, displaying relevant results from all corners of your account.

Whether you’re prepping for a follow-up meeting, reviewing past decisions, or gathering insights for a report, Global Search ensures you’re always just a few clicks away from finding what you need.

This feature allows you to perform searches across various content types within your Noota account, ensuring that no detail is ever out of reach.

What Can You Search?

  • Transcripts: Quickly find specific discussions or references within your recorded transcripts.

  • Clips: Locate clips that you or your team have created from past meetings.

  • Comments: Search through comments left by team members for additional insights or reminders.

  • Folders: Easily access your organized content by searching for specific folders.

  • Summaries: Retrieve summaries of past meetings to get a quick overview of discussed topics.

  • Team Members: Find information related to contributions or mentions of specific team members.

  • Dates: Filter your search between specific dates to pinpoint when certain discussions took place or when files were created.

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