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Record with the Chrome Extension
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The Noota Chrome Extension is a powerful tool that allows you to record audio directly from your browser. It is particularly useful for capturing microphone audio for meetings, notes, and other purposes. This guide will walk you through the steps to set up and use the Noota Chrome Extension effectively.


  1. Download and Install: Visit the Chrome Web Store, search for "Noota Chrome Extension," and click "Add to Chrome" to install the extension.

  2. Permissions: Allow the necessary permissions for the extension to access your microphone and other settings.

Using the Noota Chrome Extension

  1. Open the Extension: Click on the Noota icon in your Chrome toolbar to open the extension.

  2. Select Recording Mode:

    • Screen: Records the screen along with audio from the microphone.

      • Only microphone audio will be recorded. System sounds, like meeting voices, won't be captured. Use 'Current Tab' recording for both system and microphone audio.

    • Tab: Records a specific browser tab along with audio from the microphone.

      • Both system sound and microphone audio will be recorded.

    • Audio: Records only the microphone audio.

      • Both system sound and microphone audio will be recorded.

  3. Configure Microphone Settings:

    • Click on the microphone icon to select the desired microphone. If no microphone is connected, it will display "No mic" and the button will be off.

    • Toggle the microphone switch to "On" to enable audio recording from the selected microphone.

  4. Select Folder:

    • Click on "Select Folder" to choose where you want to save your recordings. This helps in organizing your files and makes them easier to locate.

  5. Select Summary:

    • Click on "Select Summary" to enable the extension to create summaries of your recordings. This feature can be useful for quickly reviewing the main points of long recordings.

  6. Integrations:

    • Click on the plus icon (+) to add integrations with other apps and services. This can streamline your workflow by directly sending recordings to your preferred tools.

  7. Settings:

    • Click on "Settings" at the bottom of the extension window to access additional options.

  8. Start Recording:

    • Once all settings are configured, click on the blue "Start Recording" button to begin capturing audio.

    • A notification will appear confirming that recording has started.

If you're still having questions regarding our tools, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team for assistance. 📩

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