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Troubleshooting Permissions for Azure
Troubleshooting Permissions for Azure
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In this guide, we'll explain how to enable Noota in organizations where specific restrictions on third-party app permissions are enforced.

Introduction: OAuth2 Flow

Noota uses OAuth2 to delegate the authentication process to Microsoft. More details on how Microsoft implements OAuth2 can be found here or in the diagram below.

Diagram of architecture

Although the OAuth 2.0 process might look familiar to users, it’s important to note that Single Sign-On (SSO) is not supported out-of-the-box at this time.

Required Permissions

To log into Noota with Azure, certain permissions are required to access basic user profile information.

Additionally, when connecting your calendar, an extra permission is needed. This allows Noota Bot to automatically scan calendar meetings and request to join as a participant.

👉 Connecting the calendar is optional but helps automate the joining process for users.

Admin Troubleshooting

If users in your organization experience login issues with Noota, such as those shown below, we recommend that your IT admin review the following settings in the Azure Portal.

OAuth2 - Admin Consent - osTicket Forum

User Consent Permissions

Ensure your Azure settings allow users to request consent for new applications, which must then be approved by IT admins.

👉 Follow this Azure guide and review your options as shown below.

When a user requests a delegated permission, your IT admin will receive a request in the Azure portal.

This can be approved by navigating to: Identity > Applications > Enterprise Applications > Admin Consent Requests

Screenshot of the admin consent requests in the portal.

Admin Consent Flow Permissions

If users cannot request consent, your IT admin might need to check the admin consent workflow.

This allows users to request access to applications by navigating to: Identity > Applications > Enterprise Applications > Consent and Permissions > Admin Consent Settings

Granting Tenant-Wide Admin Consent for Noota

To grant tenant-wide admin consent for Noota, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to the Microsoft Entra admin center as at least a Cloud Application Administrator.

  2. Go to Identity > Applications > Enterprise Applications > All Applications.

  3. Search for and select Noota from the list.

👉 For the Noota app to appear in the application list, at least one user from your organization needs to have previously requested admin consent.

👉 Refer to the earlier sections on User Consent Permissions and Admin Consent Flow Permissions.

4. Select Permissions under Security.

Screenshot shows how to grant tenant-wide admin consent.

5. Review the required permissions for the application. If you agree with these permissions, select Grant Admin Consent.

For more detailed instructions, refer to the full Azure guide here.

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