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Step 1: Configure User Settings

  • Navigate to Ringover and open the Settings menu.

  • Click on Users.

  • Choose a user to edit, and within their permissions, enable Record conversations.

Step 2: Generate an API Key

  • From the Developer menu, select API.

  • Hit the Create an API key button.

  • Make sure to copy the API key for later use. 🗝️

Step 3: Set Up Webhooks

  • Still in the Developer menu, find and select Webhooks.

  • Add the Noota URL for the After-Call Work webhook.

  • Activate the webhook and copy your webhook key. 🔑

Step 4: Configure Noota Dashboard

  • Head over to your Noota dashboard.

  • Activate the webhook option and paste your copied webhook key.

Step 5: Finalize Integration

  • Fill in the form with the previously copied keys (API and webhook keys).

🎉 Congratulations! Your Ringover integration is now successfully connected and ready for use.

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